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On yer bike action and education from Hammer and Tongue

Cyc du Soleil is an exciting new demonstration of low-carbon technology in action. It harnesses both renewable and creative energy to run climate change and sustainability poetry workshops throughout the UK. These workshops are run by established poets, and focus on encouraging young people to write and perform their own environmentally themed work.

Eco-poetry workshops for schools and colleges

We can help you to meet key curriculum goals in a fun, interactive and inspiring way. Students are given support and guidance in writing their own climate change poetry, and then performing it through a sound system powered by their pedalling peers!

Our workshops aim to support your teaching in areas as diverse as English, Citizenship, Science, Design and Technology, and Drama, as well as encouraging critical and imaginative thinking on climate change.

Talkin’ About a Pedalution!

At the same time, we aim to give young people the skills and encouragement to speak out on environmental issues and to connect with and inspire the people around them. By helping them to vocalise their ideas and concerns about climate change we hope to foster a much-needed chain reaction on this crucial issue.

Putting our foot down on the pace of climate action

The technology also serves as a great demonstration of how much physical effort is required to run familiar electrical appliances. Your students can try pedalling to power anything from a light bulb to a hair dryer to a public address system, and learn the differences between them first hand!

Renew Generation

We usually run workshops for students from Year 6 to Year 12 (although we can sometimes cater for younger children too). Workshop lengths and group sizes can be varied to fit the needs of your school – please contact us to work out a timetable that works for you. We can also tailor our workshops to fit in with any environmental or poetry projects you may already be running. We will always do our best to fit within your budgets where we can.

What they say about us

“We explored everything during the poetry slam. Normally the teachers tell you the answer but during the slam we got to put forward our own ideas and explore these ideas.”
(Yr 10 pupil from Blessed Hugh Farringdon School)

“We are quite certain that the students’ awareness of the many issues raised by the day has been heightened”
(Gill Hickman, Head of Biology and Sustainability, Ringwood School, Hampshire)

“We would definitely be very interested in taking part in another Poetry Slam. Our students are still talking about last year’s event; in fact I have had plenty of them hounding me about when the next one is likely to take place”               (Liz Watkins English Teacher at Cheney School, Oxford)

“The GCSE curriculum sadly turns many students off poetry, but the slam poets reinvigorated poetry for our year 10s, making them realise that it was a powerful method to express themselves.  One student was heard saying “I don’t like poetry but I like this!”.  The majority of students involved want to do it again.”
(Ellie Bongers Head of English at Lord William of Thame, Oxfordshire)

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